120 Gallon Stainless Steel Waste Tank
Kohler LP Engine 
Roots 45 or Sutorbilt 4M Blower
Cat 3CP Pump With Clutch
Little Giant 3HT Water Heater
Under Van Mounted LP Tank System


Truckmount Direct
Sarasota, Florida   (941) 724-0701
Greenville, South Carolina  (864) 233-6442
Basic Accessory Package - $750
100' Vacuum Hose
100' Pressure Hose
50' Water Supply Hose
Judson TNT/LP
Pro Accessory Package - $2,250

200' Vacuum Hose
200' Pressure Hose
100' Water Supply Hose
Vacuum Hose Reel
Pressure Hose Reel
 Supply Hose Reel
Chemical Start Up Package

Judson Took The Classic TNT And  Replaced 
The Gasoline Engine With An LP Fueled Engine.

Saves Money!

Lower Initial Purchase Price ! 
When compared apples to apples with the competition: Construction materials and performance.

Lower Operating Cost ! 
Lower fuel consumption overall. Even more savings when doing floods by turning off the heat system vs engaging a diverter valve and consuming fuel for a high HP engine.

Machine Replacement ! 
We have machines still in operation for over 30 years.

Maintenance Time Savings ! 
Easy to reach and service all components.

Repair Time Savings ! 
Easy to reach and repair all components.

Repair Parts Cost ! 
Built with as many as possible off the shelf parts for local availability.

Repair Cost ! 
Most diagnosis and repairs can be done by the owner without traveling to a truckmount service center.

No Preheating Required ! 
Heat system is up to temperature by the time you reach the wand.

Longer Engine Life ! 
Due to the outstanding operating features of an LP fired engine.

Installation Time And Expense ! 
No vehicle tank fuel tap required. Can easily be transferred to another vehicle if needed.

Faster Cleaning Time And More Efficient Cleaning Performance ! 
Due to sustained 200+ degree cleaning temperature, even with trigger constantly on.

Lower Chemical Cost !
Due to cleaning ability of sustained 200+ degree cleaning temperature.

Compared to a Gasoline Engine, LPG Gas Offers Many Advantages:

*Less Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons
*Compliant with ozone non-attainment days in many cities
*No evaporative fumes that are present during gasoline fills or spillage.
*Leaves no lead, carbon or sludge in the engine--that means less engine wear and lower maintenance costs.
*No gasoline vapor lock
*Higher octane rating

90% of LP comes from a domestic source

*Two-year commercial warranty