O2 Extraction Rinse

Judson Labs has taken an industry standard chemical, an all fiber rinse, and taken it to an advanced level of performance.

Judson Labs started out with a neutral rinse and added:
     • Oxygen for a final burst of cleaning ability & odor control.

     • A drying agent to speed up drying

Even though agents were added to increase the speed and appearance level of your cleaning process, the carpet is still rinsed residue free and leaves the carpet at the proper PH.

O2 Oxygen Extraction  is part of an integrated system, designed to extract carpet pre-sprayed with Judson O2 Oxygen Pre-Conditioner.

16 - 32 ounces to 5 gallons of water for Truck Mounts.
1 ounce to 5 gallons of water for Portables.

To leave a pleasant fragrance and speed up the drying time even more, 
use Judson Labs DD-12 BIO Odor Control as an after spray.
Advanced O2 Oxygen Extraction Agent:
     • Breaks Down Surface Tension
     • Rinses Carpet More Effective
     • Lowers PH In The Carpet
     • Helps Control Odors
     • Prevents Browning
     • Helps Remove Soil
     • Brightens Carpet
     • PH 7.0  

$29.00 Per Gallon
The Judson Labs O2 is the most advanced pre-spray & rinse system ever created. It has reached a new level of cleaning:

Premium grade, USA made ingredients have been blended into a maximum state of concentration to insure that we are only 
selling what has to be in the bottle. 
That means NO Extra Water to buy or ship!

The System You Must Try!
O2 Pre-Spray
$42.95 Per gallon
Makes 64 Gallons RTU
RTU Cost $0.68 Per gallon


CAUTION: Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.
Follow all Safety and First Aid Instructions. 

OPre-Spray & Rinse System